There’s Nowhere to Charge my EV. Myth or Fact?

Is the UK's Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Keeping Up with Demand? Discover the the latest stats here.

The UK’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure has seen significant growth and is evolving quickly, with a 40% increase since July 2022.

As the world makes strides toward a greener future, the UK’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure stands at the forefront of change. The demand for EVs is on the rise, prompting a transformation in the charging landscape. This evolution is tracked by Zapmap, which utilises its own data to offer statistics on the progress of EV charging in the UK. This wealth of data enables us to gain insights into the growth and distribution of charging points across the UK. Updated on a monthly basis, these statistics provide a snapshot of the dynamic changes taking place.

At the close of July 2023, the UK boasted an impressive 45,737 electric vehicle charging points, strategically located across 26,805 charging stations. This marks a remarkable 40% surge in charging infrastructure since July 2022. These figures prominently highlight the public EV charging landscape in the UK, but they don’t include charging points installed within homes and workplaces, which are estimated to exceed 400,000. Some of these private charging points do serve the public through community or visitor programmes.

The journey of the UK’s EV charging infrastructure has been one of exponential growth. Over the past few years, the public charging network has experienced an astounding four-fold expansion, soaring from 6,500 devices in late 2016 to a staggering 37,261 by 2022. Notably, the year between 2021 and 2022 witnessed the addition of over 8,600 charging points, signifying a 30% growth in just 12 months.

Geographically, Greater London emerges as the leader in EV charging points with 14,360 locations then the South East with 5,654 charging points, and Scotland with 4,073.

The UK’s commitment to embracing electric vehicles is underpinned by these statistics. The trajectory of growth underscores the nation’s determination to foster a sustainable and eco-friendly transportation landscape. As the months unfold, the EV charging infrastructure is destined to continue its dynamic expansion, powering the UK’s journey into a cleaner automotive future.

Source: Zapmap

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