Trojan Energy’s Flush Pavement Chargers: Revolutionising On-Street EV Charging

Explore convenient on-street pavement EV charging, for households without access to a driveway.

In 2016, Trojan Energy introduced a game-changing innovation to the world of electric vehicles: flush pavement chargers. These chargers seamlessly integrate with the streetscape, offering a clutter-free solution while delivering charging speeds of up to 22kW.

Designed to address the challenge of on-street EV charging, particularly for the nine million UK households without access to a driveway, Trojan Energy’s chargers have attracted investment and recently, the company secured a substantial £26 million investment from BGF and the Scottish National Investment Bank. This investment will support the company’s expansion efforts, including partnerships with local councils like Barnet Council, where around 1,300 on-street charge points are set to be installed.

Whilst based in Aberdeen, the company has already conducted successful trials in London boroughs like Brent and Camden, proving the effectiveness of its technology, and the company has also developed innovative solutions like the ‘Deicer’ system, which alerts drivers when chargers and charging bays become available There is also a strong pipeline of new opportunities across the UK, including in England as part of the Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) fund.

These flush pavement chargers represent a significant step forward in on-street EV charging infrastructure and offer a promising solution to a pressing challenge and we will watch with interest as the scheme is rolled out.

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