Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd

Carisbrooke Shipping wants to improve employee welfare through salary sacrifice as part of its sustainability program.



The Brief

As part of Carisbrooke Shipping’s efforts towards sustainability and improving employee welfare, they approached Vehicle Consulting to explore options to provide employees with EV vehicles through salary sacrifice.

What We Did

We met with Robert Wester of Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd to discuss financial packages and options that would best meet the needs of the company’s employees who needed different sorts of vehicles to suit both their personal and professional lifestyles. Our Salary Sacrifice scheme was the perfect way forward to meet both the employees and the company’s specific criteria.

So, what were the benefits of Carisbrooke Shipping using Salary Sacrifice and Vehicle Consulting?

  • A wide range of options was provided to evaluate and consider.
  • Excellent assistance and support provided during the selection and leasing process.
  • Substantial tax benefits were enhanced by further savings through the company’s salary sacrifice scheme.
  • All expenses such as servicing, maintenance, warranty, tyre replacement, and breakdown coverage were factored into the package, ensuring no unforeseen costs.
  • The new EVs not only offer safety, reliability, and comfort but also boast the latest technological advancements, resulting in savings on fuel expenses and contributing to a reduced carbon footprint with zero tailpipe emission.

The Result

Following individual consultation with employees, Vehicle Consulting Solent have delivered five cars to the company to date, of varying size and brand, based on the specific requirements of the employee. These vehicles provide a reliable, cost effective, environmentally conscious, and tax-efficient solution for Carisbrooke Shipping’s employees.

The wider vehicle industry was experiencing supply delays at the time, which affected some of Carisbrooke Shipping’s orders. Vehicle Consulting’s customer-focused team worked to reduce the impact of this on those waiting for their cars.

Robert Wester of Carisbrooke Shipping commented:

“The programme aligns very well with Carisbrooke’s sustainability and environmental goals and Vehicle Consulting also assisted in connecting us with suppliers to enable the installation of on-site EV charging points which was useful and appreciated.

There was some issues with delivery, but the team at Vehicle Consulting did their best to manage issues and minimise the impact of the delays, but at times this was quite frustrating. In one case the team at VCS provided an acceptable replacement solution, which was appreciated.

Both the company and our employees have benefitted financially from salary sacrifice, as well as assisting in reducing Carisbrooke’s carbon footprint, and we found VC to be customer-focused and proactive in offering alternative car types and financing solutions.”

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We understand that every business is different, as are each
person’s car needs. That is why we offer a bespoke and scalable package to suit you and your team now and in the future, not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Whether just 1 or 1000+ employees, we will curate the best solution for you.

Our range of options, panel of multiple funders, access to the best multi-brand vehicle supply and years of experience, means our approach to creating your salary sacrifice scheme is truly bespoke.

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